As an Art Director and Sr. Designer with the Salesforce Design team (via Creatives On Call) I helped lead the direction, design and implementation of our corporate Canva account into a powerful resource tool that served as the basis for other teams to leverage throughout the brand. 

Our team was able to load our specific brand colors, design elements, fonts and animations that were made accessible to designated members along with unique folders of campaign templates. The creative team was then able to hand off approved sets of assets that were 'locked down' to ensure brand integrity while enabling the social media, blog content team
and others to edit specific portions to meet their needs. It essentially empowered others to take ownership of creative deliverables and work much more effectively and efficiently when it came to their ongoing needs without always having to go through the process of tapping the creative team, creating job tickets and other processes that ultimately bogged down the pipeline and created unnecessary bottlenecks. Canva is a powerful tool packed with functionality few brands leverage to their fullest potential.

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