Encourage trial and repeat purchase of Dreamfields
Drive visits to landing page (and other conversions)
Keep Dreamfields top of mind with consumers
Maintain brand interaction with current and new fans
Reinforce Dreamfields as a key player in the better-for-you pasta aisle
Theme:  The Art of Pasta.  
Pasta is the canvas upon which many a culinary masterpiece has been created. For #HPM17 we propose maximizing that artistic umbrella theme through weekly themes, the look of the landing page, and the prizes awarded.
Weekly themes would revolve around artistic themes:
Renaissance (classic recipes that have come back in a healthier form)
Realism (the art of really getting dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less)
Botanical (emphasis on plant-focused vegetarian recipes)
Minimalism (emphasis on the use of 5 or fewer ingredients)  

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