Dewey's Pizza Logo

Brill Creative was recently tapped by Dewey’s Pizza to concept and design a set of visual assets to support their new seasonal creation, the Sgt Peppers pizza. 

Deliverables included: Creative Direction & Design > website updates > stickers for table tops > social assets > display advertising > email assets

As a tribute to the album’s seamless audio and colorful cover art, the Sgt Peppers pizza is topped with a combination of red bell, Anaheim, jalapeños, banana peppers, chopped pepperoni and crushed red pepper. The toppings are finely chopped and speckled over a layer of warm mozzarella and Dewey’s signature red sauce, giving each bite a peppery blend.


For an extra kick, Mike’s Hot Honey is drizzled in a spiral across the top. The honey is infused with chili pepper, providing a spicy, sweet flavor throughout the dish. It’s defining, but not overpowering.


Ryan Laker - Dewey's Pizza Kitchen Innovation

Ryan Laker, Dewey’s Pizza Culinary Innovation Manager, came up with the idea to create a pizza as iconic as The Beatles’ album. He hoped to create a pie in which one flavor flows into another, uniting pizza- and music-lovers alike.

“This new pizza is one of the most unique pies we’ve ever created for our Dewey’s Pizza guests,” Laker says.  “We are excited and grateful to be partnered with Mike’s Hot Honey to add that extra ‘wow’ factor to our new seasonal Sgt Peppers.”

The Sgt Peppers pizza is available from April 8 through May 4, so grab your friends and family, turn on The Beatles, and head to Dewey’s to get a taste while you can.



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