Ultimate Rehab, Ltd is a therapist owned and operated organization who for nearly 18 years has provided quality therapy services in various rehabilitative settings.

Services we delivered

Email Marketing

Data driven email campaign to gain insights into customer wants and needs and pave the way for introducing Ultimate Rehab.

Digital Strategy

We developed a fun and simple digital strategy that engaged the audience, paving the way for warm leads that the client could follow up with. All the while capturing data for even more targeted ongoing communications. Digital strategy is what we do.

Responsive Web Development

Development of landing page with a coded logic that communicates with Ultimate Rehab’s Mail Chimp email campaign, collecting data and triggering email sends based on user responses. We know how to leverage data!

Creative Direction & Design

After several failed attempts from other agencies, Ultimate Rehab tasked Brill Creative with crafting a new look & feel for their print collateral. We got to work and delivered a handful of concepts that nailed it first round!

We're just getting started

As the campaigns unfold and results roll in we’ll report back. Thanks for being here!

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Located in Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine, Brill Creative lives within Union Hall. A 38,000 sq. ft. building where disrupters come to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

1311 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
513 272 1659

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