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In April (2020) Brill Creative successfully deployed an integrated marketing and sales campaign with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, the objective of which was to engage, acquire and convert 2000 qualified new members in a specialty association healthcare program within a 60-day promotional period.

“The Quote it, Match it, Sell it campaign is in full swing,” said Harry Hayes, Director of Sales at Anthem. “Brill did an outstanding job, very professionally done.”

Watch the spot below

Brill Creative Cincinnati, Anthem BCBS
Brill Creative Cincinnati, Anthem BCBS Video Shoot
Brill Creative Cincinnati, Anthem BCBS Video Shoot
Brill Creative Cincinnati, Anthem BCBS Video Shoot
Brill Creative Cincinnati, Anthem BCBS Video Shoot
Brill Creative Cincinnati, Anthem BCBS Video Shoot
Anthem Broker Campaign by Brill Creative

“The team loved it,” added Kelsey Schaefer, Senior Marketing Coordinator at Anthem.

According to Brill, “we worked closely with Kelsey and the Anthem internal creative services team to execute their strategy and deliver a high-quality 30-second video spot, a series-based HTML email campaign with Anthem developers at the helm, and a digital, interactive marketing sheet, and we did all of it in less than 30 days.”


The Brill team researched vintage fight posters to explore type treatments and design elements while vintage fight footage provided inspiration for the nuances characteristic of footage for those times. “It was a well received, fun project that really delivered”, says Brill. “Not only did the campaign hit the mark but preliminary numbers showed that the goal had already been exceeded by 35%. And that’s what we’re all about. Meaningful, insight-driven creative that yields results”

Anthem Broker Campaign by Brill Creative

About Brill Creative: Cincinnati, Ohio-based Brill Creative is a lean collaborative of experienced digital and traditional marketing talent creating meaningful brand experiences and producing results-driven omni-channel campaigns from strategy and creative direction through content, design, programming and deployment for enterprise-level to single location B2B and B2C clients and brands. For more information visit BrillCreative.com.

“We’re Passionate about what we do and love working with brave clients who want to knock it out of the park just as much as we do.”

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