Digital advertising campaign for Washington Prime Group / Scottsdale Quarter, AZ

Scottsdale Quarter, AZ, with the potential to replicate at additional properties throughout the Washington Prime Group national footprint.

The problem:
How can we convert Tesla owners from charging station users to customers? Scottsdale Quarter has Tesla charging stations on property, but the property team has observed that most people charging their cars do not come into the property. The average time to charge a car is 20-30 minutes, and the most common times to do so are before and after work.

Brill Creative’s Solution: Craft a bold, concept-driven display advertising campaign that speaks directly to the consumers. We needed them to be aware of the great coffee and breakfast shops for morning business meetings. The convenience of many high-end retail shops for gifts or shopping all in one spot. Visitors can grab a drink, listen to live music, take home dinner… all while their car charges. But in order to do that we needed to understand the audience first. Our discovery phase included Facebook analytics, researching Tesla owners as well as the Scottsdale community, clientele and stores on the property. We proposed testing and targeting based on dayparts (mornings and evenings) as well as content, ie brand focused or product and aspiration focused.

series of animated display advertising

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