9 Bank Marketing Ideas for 2016

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I was recently asked by Marissa Wilson of Enplug to give my thoughts on marketing for the financial industry in 2016. Below is my response. At the bottom is a link to the full article with what myself and a couple of other industry leaders had to say.


“For marketers in the financial industry, embracing new technology can be an uphill challenge. With legal and compliance chiming in and an overall mistrust of banks within the general public, it isn’t easy.

Instead of worrying about checking off their social media to-do list, or jumping on board with the latest and greatest technology, banks need to leverage their data to better understand and serve their existing client base.

We see an incredible opportunity for banks to deliver much more personalized, relevant and timely messages to their current customers. We often get so excited about using technology that we forget about the human beings on the other end. Better to understand and nurture what you have than always be looking for more.”  — Dan Brill, Creative Evangelist


Read Marissa’s full blog post here


Should You Customize Your SEO Strategy for Specific Niches?

Great article by: Brian Harnish

Don’t let anyone fool you. SEO is not rocket science. There is a general formula with four major components to SEO that all SEOs follow if they want to be successful with their campaign: content, links, on-page optimization, and social media.

The big component that the success of your campaign hinges on is depth.

The appropriate depth of your efforts depends on the niche and by what your competition is doing. Developing an appropriate strategy requires thinking, analysis, and time.

As if that is not enough, you need to consider the different goals of SEO. Rand Fishkin on Moz covers these in much depth here: The 6 Goals of SEO – Choosing the Right Ones for Your Business, so I will only provide a tiny synopsis of the different goals: SEO for raw traffic, SEO for E-Commerce Sales, SEO for Mindshare and Branding, SEO for lead acquisition and direct marketing, SEO for reputation management, and SEO for ideological influence.

You must choose your tactics for SEO based on the goals you have set for your business, as well as the different depth in strategy required by your niche.

In order to beat your niche’s competition, you must first execute proper research for your niche, beginning with the general components of SEO: Market research, competitor research, keyword research, content, links, on-page optimization, and social media.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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