September 27, 2015 bc_admin

Responsive Landing pages for StatzHub


NEW WORK: a few months ago Brill Creative teamed up with byDZGN Consulting and StatzHub to deliver the core landing page template for their innovative new sports app! After that we delivered the first few celebrity endorsed landing pages. A couple of names you may recognize: John Calipari, Steve Smith, Larry Fitzgerald, Rob Gronkowski

About StatzHub: Statzhub is the only venue where you’ll find comprehensive information on high school teams and athletes, as well as college and pro sports (including data going back to 1869).

We gather the latest from our reporters, team pages, conference sites, news outlets, social media and other fans to make the sports news you want available in real time in one arena. The power of Statzhub doesn’t stop there. We go the extra mile to bring together records, rules, schedules, weather, directions, and standings.

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