Brill Creative sponsors 5K benefiting Transitions

We were proud to serve as presenting sponsor of the 2nd Annual Run for Shelter 5k race. A family fun event supporting a very serious cause, we couldn’t have done it without the help of Seemless Printing, Harlan Graphics, Steve Ziegelmeyer and the whole Brill Creative team. Click and Enjoy!

Chase At Run-For-Shelter

Poster Design & DVD Packaging Prowess

Ray’s Music Exchange has become a Cincinnati Jazz/funk/groove institution whose legend, roster of past musicians, and influence spreads from coast to coast. After the success of last year’s inaugural Ray’s Reunion Show, the first live show from the band in 5 years, yielded both excited fans and reinvigorated band members as well as a forthcoming DVD of the show, they have decided to make the reunion an annual event.

With a DVD release party and amazing performance on 10/8/11 at the Southgate House in Newport, KY, Brill Creative was tapped to develop Ray’s Music Exchange’s Live DVD Digipac art and packaging. Armed with photography provided by Noble Visions, copy and content by Brad Myers of Ray’s and specs from DiscMakers, Dan Brill dove into the project.

“We produced a couple of initial concepts and quickly narrowed it down to the one we wanted to run with” said Brill. “The process was pretty smooth and painless. It had to be, as there was little time to get the art ready and have the product produced in time for the scheduled event. The end product turned out very sharp.”

5/3rd Bank “The Card That Rocks” Campaign

FTB-BC-01A_CB_CTR_5x12 Banners

Brill Creative– Card That Rocks evolution story

In April 2011 Brill Creative was asked by Fifth Third Bank to respond to a Request For Proposal. The assignment up for grabs was Fifth Third’s Campus Banking program with the objective of introducing a whole new student banking concept. The RFP indicated that the bank wanted to create buzz around this new product and develop a weekend kickoff event for college campuses. To that end, Brill Creative assembled its team and got to work.

A five-person creative gang rolled up its collective sleeves and cranked out multiple concepts during an enthusiastic, daylong work session. The intense work paid dividends when three solid concepts emerged: One Card To Rule Them All, Power To The Pupil and The Card That Rocks. Multiple sketches and rough layouts followed until final directions were chosen for each.

Card That Rocks
* special thanks to Don Marsh and Tom Holtkamp for their assistance with typography and illustration


As final executions for each campaign emerged, Brill Creative made its way to the Fifth Third tower for a high-energy, visually captivating presentation. Following the meeting, deliberation within Fifth Third ensued. A winning concept emerged unanimously.

The Card That Rocks!

This campaign was chosen based on its stylized look, extendable nature and youthful vernacular. Now, it was time to make stuff.

Brill Creative’s creative department got to work refining layouts, writing copy and arranging photo shoots and artwork. With so many elements required, a lot had to get done in a short amount of time. Nevertheless, the team delivered and final concepts were approved.

Then, it was off to Miami where Dan Brill oversaw a photo shoot for the ages. Behind the lens was none other than rock-n-roll photographer Jason Koerner. And the venue, the private gallery of a renowned guitar manufacturer, couldn’t have been a more appropriate backdrop. Four days of prep and shooting netted killer images that would bring the campaign to life.

6.3 – 6.7 – 2011 – Brill Creative To Collaborate With Renowned Music Scene Photographer

Dan Brill, Creative Director at Brill Creative, is in Miami working with one of the most highly regarded chroniclers of the rock world. A four-day still shoot for a Fifth Third Bank marketing campaign boasts the talents of Jason Koerner Photography, official photographer of the Fillmore Miami. Koerner and his lens have inventively documented many of the biggest names in music whenever they take the stage at this legendary venue. The shoot is on location at a world class guitar company’s Miami showroom.

Images were chosen and the final pieces were retouched, manipulated and built for production files. Everything came together to comprise an impressive,
multi-media campaign for the first Getting Started weekend at Cedarville University. All the elements were on display, accompanied by a soundtrack bumpin’ from a Fender amp. The event and elements were beloved by the client, students and parents.

Fifth Third Bank, Marketing, Design, Brill Creative, Cincinnati


Needless to say, the whole thing rocked. Check out the photo shoot of the event below.

Gallery: Fifth Third Bank – Card That Rocks, Cedarville University kick off photos
Thanks to all who participated in making this campaign a success. Dan Brill – President, CCO, Brill Creative, LLC

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Dan Brill, Brill Creative Miami photo shoot, Jason Koerner Photography, Fifth Third Bank, Marketing, Advertising, Design, Steve Zeigelmeyer


Brill Creative On-Location in Miami for Photo Shoot

Earlier this month, we wrapped up a photo shoot in Miami, FL for Fifth Third Bank, powered by the talents of Jason Koerner Photography and the creative guidance of Dan Brill of Brill Creative. The photos will become the creative material for a new marketing campaign to promote Fifth Third Bank’s financial services… and although we’d like to share details at this moment… we are bound to keep the cat in the bag, so to speak.

So, why are we so excited, and why aren’t we telling you what the campaign is all about?

We are working hard on creating and connecting all the dimensions that will become the outbound marketing you’ll see in August 2011, and we want to blow your mind all at once with that campaign. However, we have posted video clips on our Brill Creative YouTube channel and photos on our Brill Creative Flickr album to give you a sneak peak into the theme of the campaign… and let me tell you… We Rocked Miami!

A special thanks goes to Jason Koerner for lending his photographic mastery to the shoot. See some of those unedited shots on our Flickr album, and watch for more details in August.

The Color of Money

The art, science and psychological appeal of bright colors.

April 25, 2010 – Eleftheria Parpis

When considering colors for upcoming models in Toy State’s Road Rippers collection, Will Coleburn, svp at the company, which also makes the Freedom Force and Caterpillar toy vehicle lines, looked to trends in other industries for cues. “I spent a lot of time looking at what the ski industry is doing,” he says. “They’re on the cutting edge of art and decoration and color for teens.”

While the main target for Toy State’s products skews much younger — 5- to 7-year-old boys — Coleburn figures what attracts the big guys will also appeal to little kids.

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Opinion: Print Is Dying … Really?

At a time when magazines are everyone’s whipping boy, Graydon Carter offers evidence to the contrary.

March 28, 2010 -By Graydon Carter

At a time when magazines are everyone’s whipping boy, Graydon Carter offers evidence to the contrary. It’s not for nothing that he has the distinction of being the only editor to be named AdweekMedia’s editor of the year twice (1997, 2003), while Vanity Fair has been on the Hot List nine times. The Conde Nast monthly is widely regarded as one of the best magazines around. So we asked Carter: What does the future hold for magazines? Here’s his answer.

It’s become fashionable to proclaim that print is dying, as if a medium that has been around for more than five centuries might, like a guest who has overstayed his welcome, suddenly glance about the room, see his hostess nodding off in her chair, and realize it’s time to call it a night. I have my doubts about the all-encompassing scope of the so-called digital revolution, but as the father of five children, I can certainly see what all the fuss is about. Kids have a zillion ways of finding out just about anything they want, when they want, but the smart ones—historically, the magazine subscribers of the future—still read. The reading business is not the same as the search-and-find business, and if you’re in the print version of the latter, on either a daily or a weekly basis, you have reason to be anxious. The rest of us have a fair chance to survive and perhaps even thrive.

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