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Brill Creative was recently tasked with creating a new brand identity and website for Eperture. In their own words: “Eperture’s mission is to provide configurable technologies for solving client-centric challenges with easy to use solutions. The market for these solutions can be anywhere from commercial support for the elderly to home healthcare, health data management, hospital release patient support, telemedicine and home/facility healthcare support.”

We had a great experience working with the client. In fact, the response to the final logo comp was “BEAUTIFUL!” … and I think this comment from the owner sums it up pretty well:

I am so pleased with how well the website is coming along.  … when you are done with Eperture, would you create a website for another ‘to-be’ business of mine?

It doesn’t get much nicer than that.

Deliverables: logo and identity set / digital brand assets page / responsive website development / social media assets


Learn more about Eperture via Facebook:



Brand Development for Transitions Inc., Northern Ky

Brill Creative_Transitions In NKy Branding 2014_web

I feel very blessed to be handling the complete brand overhaul for Transitions Inc Northern Ky. Here’s a peek at where things are so far: The logo and identity is well under way with a slew of materials on the plate for development…

Our thought process for this mark: The triangle and circle tie into AA and recovery … the Pyramid is the strongest physical shape and equals: Unity / Recovery / Service… as well as a 3 part disease: Physical / Mental / Spiritual. The circle equals: oneness / unity / perfection.

The Phoenix is symbolically synonymous with the addict hitting bottom, then picking themselves back up and taking the necessary steps towards their recovery. It’s also, in my eyes, symbolic of relapse and the unfortunate fact that relapse is a part of recovery for the majority. It rises and falls and rises again… always coming back from the ashes… “fall seven times stand up eight”

We’ll continue to post additional creations as we move through print collateral, print & digital advertising campaigns, video and photo shoots, fundraising campaigns, a new responsive website and lots more.

Thanks for looking and please check out their FB page, like it, share it and make others aware of the life saving work this long-standing and highly successful local organization is doing.
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Logo & Brand Development for GateWay Community Outreach in San Jose, CA

Larger FB Post Template_Brill Creative_2014_GCO Brand Identity

We’re very pleased to share another Brand Development project we’ve been working on for GateWay Community Outreach in San Jose CA.

Their mission: GateWay Community Outreach makes life better for people through visionary leadership, strategic partnerships, practical solutions, innovative initiatives, and resource development.

From partnering with orphanages in Thailand, Guatemala and India to Community and Family events like coat / food / and toy drives, feeding the homeless and working with children & youth through clubs and school partnerships… GCO is truly making an incredible impact in the lives of many.

We look forward to sharing the rest of their brand marketing materials soon along with a new responsive website and information on some of their upcoming 2014 projects.
— Brill Creative, for the greater good #sanjose #givingback #helpingothers #silicon-valley

Logo Development & Brand Identity for YogaPro Academy & Wellness

Larger FB Post Template_Brill Creative_2014_YogaPro Academy

We’ve been busy in the studio and kinda quiet on the social channels lately, so here’s a peek at one of the new brand development projects we are working on: YogaPro Academy & Wellness will offer a unique blend of Yoga & Meditation geared towards children of all ages and those with special needs. Stylized type, a fun earth-toned color pallet and loose icons that represent the various facets of the studio, all come together in a balance of clean and professional / warm and inviting. A responsive website is in progress and a line of apparel is being discussed. We look forward to helping them launch this new entity and begin their path of making a difference in the lives of others. Stay tuned. — Brill Creative, for the greater good #yoga #yogakids #branding #logodesign #responsivewebsitedesign

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