Responsive Website Design & Development for the Arthritis Foundation’s 2014 Bone Bash

Bone Bash promo comps_Responsive siteBrill Creative is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Arthritis Foundation’s 9th Annual Bone Bash event. We’re helping revamp just about everything and here’s a peek at the latest… a new fully responsive website! Be sure to check out and grab your tickets because this event Does sell out. Keep your eyes peeled for more artwork and updates as we get closer to the event. And than you for looking!  — Brill Creative – for the greater good.


A Brand Revitalization for MCNi

We’ve been hard at work on yet another RFP win! This time it’s for MCNi – Mobile Commerce Network Inc.

BC has been tasked with: a new logo and identity development, brand overhaul, new core website as well as UI/UX for their client facing web portals (served up primarily via iPads), mobile icon sets, and collateral / presentation templates. Good stuff!! Here’s a peek at where we are so far.

More about the client, in their words: “MCNi is a software development, support and distribution company with offices across the United States. We develop mobile distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and retail systems designed to improve efficiencies and eliminate manual tasks. All of our solutions are built around our motto – Our Job is to Understand You.”

More to come as we finalize and revitalize this brand! Thanks for looking. db

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Apple "What Is iPad?"

Brand: Apple iPad
Agency: TBWA Media Arts Lab
Review Date: May 13, 2010

Great. Another iPad ad that makes me want to junk my Kindle. Amazon’s e-reader looks so sad and colorless in comparison. This new commercial from TBWAMedia Arts Lab sends me into another useless want-need internal debate. The spot poses the most basic question — “What is iPad?” A series of shots showing people using the ”beautiful” device to read newspapers and books, update Facebook pages and play music provides the answers. “There is no right way or wrong way to use it,” the voiceover says. It’s not only “crazy powerful,” but “magical” too. I can do without magic in my gadgets, but the case for a gorgeous do-all portable is compelling. Technophobes fear not — we’re informed that we “already know how to use it.” And for folks that just want to be trendsetters, “It’s already a revolution and it’s only just begun.” That’s the kind of not-so-subtle persuasion that stands to make the iPad the most culture-changing device since the iPhone. –Eleftheria Parpis

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Born-Again Ads – The first generation of iPad marketing aims to give brands a turbo-charged sheen

May 10, 2010 – Eleftheria Parpis

Gap makes iPad play.
Michael Ancevic, svp, group cd at Mullen, is nearly as excited about Apple’s iPad as those in the publishing industry. (The only difference: his future may not depend on it.) While working on an ad that will run in a Conde Nast title on the new tablet — he declined to name the brand or magazine — he said, “We felt we were doing something that’s going to change everything. … It’s print on steroids. What if that photo came to life? What if you can see different angles of a certain product or demo it? It picks up where print left off.”

David Hewitt, mobile practice lead and cd for the Southeast region at SapientNitro, calls it “the most compelling mini-media consumption device” there is. Advertising on it, he adds, is as much about reaching the early influencers as it is about the buzz. “A lot of clients are using this as a first-to-market opportunity,” says Hewitt.

The industry has iPad on the brain, and agencies and brands alike are busy assessing ways to make their marks on the hottest new product to hit the technology sector since, well, the iPhone. Brands that have jumped in include Cadillac, which paired with trend-spotting site Cool Hunting (and BBH Labs) for an app that helps promote the CTS and CTS-V coupes, and Procter & Gamble’s Pampers, whose app, Hello Baby — its first mobile-device application — allows pregnant women to track their babies’ development.

Serena Connelly, cd at StrawberryFrog, which created the Pampers app, says that it was important for the brand to have an early presence. “Pampers wants to be present and part of innovations in technology that help to redefine mass culture,” says Connelly.

Apps are probably the easiest and most cost-efficient way for marketers to get into the iPad game because existing iPhone apps can be repurposed for the larger device. Dan LaCivita, president, Firstborn, says the agency is extending clients’ iPhone apps as well as creating new ideas.

“It all depends on the initial app itself,” says LaCivita. “If the apps can use the same functionality and it’s not a lot of redevelopment, the physics and math are going to be the same.” Size is the main issue, he adds: “For example, if you have an [iPhone] app that’s graphics heavy … we would have to redesign those images to make sure the quality is there, that the aspect ratio is correct.”

Hewitt, however, says taking the same app from iPhone to iPad is rarely optimal.
Text and graphics are going to get a little blurry, he notes, not to mention many popular iPhone apps rely on the phone’s camera and voice capabilities, features not yet available on the iPad.

Early entries that have optimized the features of the iPad so far, Hewitt says, are apps that allow users to manage their social networking, such as TweetDeck; to shop and browse, like apps for Gilt or eBay; or to watch videos, like those for YouTube and Yahoo Entertainment.

Because it’s so early in the game, the challenge, of course, lies in not knowing how much can be done on the iPad, and what will and won’t work.

“We haven’t even cracked the surface on the experiences we can create,” says Hewitt.

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iPad Hits 1 Mil. Sales Mark in a Month

The iPhone took twice as long to reach the same milestone

May 5, 2010 – Antony Bruno, Billboard

For those wondering if the iPad would take off the way the iPhone did, Apple answered that question by revealing that it has sold 1 million iPads in less than a month.

By way of comparison, the iPhone took twice as long to reach the same milestone. And if you’re thinking these sales are merely indicative of only the Apple faithful buying up their new toys, two new developments point to additional sales success in the coming months.

First is the introduction Friday of the iPad 3G, which features both WiFi and wireless access to the AT&T network. It’s not clear how many of the 1 million iPads sold were for the initial WiFi-only verion and how many were for the iPad 3G. While more expensive, many fans have indicated their intent to wait for the more versatile iPad 3G before pulling out their wallets. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster this morning estimated that Apple sold 300,000 iPad 3G devices this weekend.

Additionally, the 1 million sales are domestic only. Apple will begin shipping the iPad internationally later this month, opening multiple new markets for new sales.

Apple also said that more iPad users have downloaded more than 12 million apps for the device since it went on sale, and more than 5,000 apps have been created specifically for the iPad. Apple didn’t say how many were paid and how many were free. It also didn’t break out how many of the 12 million downloads were iPad-specific apps or those created for the iPhone which can also run on the iPad.

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